Translation & Interpretation

We provide Professional Language Services by well-trained professionals in their respective dialects. By working with differently qualified professionals, we are able to provide translation and interpretation services in many subject matters including business, legal, medical, and other technical business subjects.

We currently offer translation and interpretation services from English to the following language options:

  • Chichewa
  • Chitonga
  • Cibemba
  • Ki Kaonde
  • Lamba
  • Lunda
  • Lusaka “Town” Nyanja
  • Luvale
  • Namwanga
  • Silozi

What we do

General Translation

Our translation services include; Document Translation, Website Translation, Software Localization, Language Transcriptions, Subtitling and Voice-over services.

Specialist Fields

For specialist fields, subject-matter experienced translators are available to achieve quality work. Be it scientific, medical, financial, or other subject matters.


Localization involves changing a website, mobile app, document, audio, video, etc. to suit the target audience. Hence making it more originally indigenous, local or more appealing.

Proofreading & Editing

Our Proofreading services cover high quality proofreading of content by native speaking professional translators who have relevant technical industry experience. Your work is carefully looked into and edited as necessary.


Interpreters are vital to the smooth running of international business operations. Our team of professional interpreters provide interpreting services in most of the Zambian languages and select International languages.


Looking for language trainers for local languages for your organisation or team? Our training lays the foundation to learn a local language or deepen and enhance existing understanding.

Why clients choose us

Vibrant & Flexible

We are vibrant & flexible with ambition to grow our languages business unit into a global brand.

Responsive & Innovative

Keeping to our ethos of innovation for business growth, we are quick to respond to industry needs.

Excellence & Professionalism

We uphold excellence & professionalism in all we do, thus you get exactly that as our client.

Responsive & Innovative

We treat all our work with the highest confidentiality and streamline processes to ensure security.